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James Rotondi

Guitar, Bass

James Rotondi is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier's Honours Bachelor of Music program with a concentration of Integrated Musical Arts. During his studies, he developed skills in the areas of performance, songwriting, recording, and audio engineering. Since receiving the guitar as a gift at the age of 12, James Rotondi has played at dozens of restaurants, pubs, and concert venues in the bands The Blue Nova, and Jammer’s Waffle House.
His expertise primarily resides in classic rock and pop which is the music he grew up around and has a deep connection with. James Rotondi takes more of a rhythm guitar player role in The Blue Nova, and is predominantly the lead guitar player of Jammer's Waffle House. Both of these bands feature a wide variety of music including Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, and Harry Styles. Today, James Rotondi continues to play as many shows as possible, develop new skills, and share his love for music with his students.

James Rotondi: TeamMember
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